About Us

About Us

Veteran operators on a mission to protect human rights and provide humanitarian relief wherever we are needed

We volunteer around the communities, doing the right thing, helping people mainly in disaster relief etc. Oconus our operational team Polaris is JSOC tier 1 operators and special operators with decades of real world experience that can conduct missions in austere environments focusing on saving lives.

Heroes for Humanity tailors each world event. So the volunteers and heroes are all mission dependent. Currently we are setting up a forward operating base with a full command operations center and logistics base on the Ukrainian Poland border. We are also assisting in the missions providing triage, personnel evacs for children, security, and humanitarian aid for orphans and children.

Since heroes for humanity is a non profit we need to work donations so media presence and social media influencing is a MASSIVE PART. We need to spread the spirit of helping others and saving lives.

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Why the logo???

The American eagle style Phoenix is be the best representation of who we are at heroes for humanity. A phoenix is a bird who has risen from their ashes taking flight once more and stronger than before. This is the message I want to portray to the veterans who feel no purpose after their service. Our mission at heroes for humanity provides humanity with the hero they need and our veterans a purpose and mission once more. Being rebirthed from “their ashes” to take flight once again. The American flag within the bird represents our country and freeing the oppressed from tyranny and hardships.

Join Us

We can have you on as a local community hero and help when things happen in your local area. Whenever anything disaster related happens you volunteer and let us no and we will cover the event with volunteers, finically support where needed (medical supplies, cleaning supplies, food etc).

We can also have you on as a representative and you would attend fundraising events like wounded warrior project 5ks, black rifle coffee company, and other veteran owned local events to help the veteran community while spreading the spirit of helping others. We also do meet and greets while spreading the word of our company, give speeches at banquets, schools, churches, and events. This is how the actual funding and Donations happens that allows us to go to Ukraine and support the children and missions.

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If you would like more information please email us at Heroes4humanity.pa@gmail.com


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